You may be wondering just who would write a theme song for the Wiggle, and then film a PSA for that very same Wiggle? Well, we are a group of avid cyclists who live in San Francisco and love the Wiggle. Some of us are also members of the band The Real Numbers who recorded “Do the Wiggle!”

To ride the Wiggle, is to love the Wiggle. Here are the lyrics for our love song to San Francisco’s BEST bicycle route:

I’m on my bike, and I want to ride to Haight Ashbury
But there’s a hill between this Mission bar and that vicinity
So I won’t dismay or be delayed
There’s a flat and easy way…

I’ll take the Wiggle…bike route supreme
The Wiggle…bike route of my dreams
It’s called the Wiggle
There’s just a single Wiggle

C’mon, let’s do the Wiggle…

Duboce – Head west!
Steiner – Turn Right!
Waller – Turn Left!
And Pierce – Turn Right!
Then Haight – Left!
Scott – Right!
Fell – Left!
Go Straight!
To the Panhandle….

Wiggle! We share it with cars
The Wiggle…bike route to the stars!
It’s called the Wiggle
There’s just a single
Bike route that’s got a jingle
In San Francisco we’ve got a bike route
Called the Wiggle



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