May 2, 2012

Lawrence Grodeska, “Do the Wiggle!” author, +1 (415) 819-8495,
Morgan Fitzgibbons, Co-Founder, The Wigg Party, +1 (419) 351-0466,

“Do the Wiggle!” PSA:


Local bicycle enthusiasts celebrate San Francisco’s vibrant bicycle culture with 60-second video “Do the Wiggle.” Instant classic reminds all cities that robust bicycle infrastructure supports healthy, sustainable urban living.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Hundreds of bicyclists have watched a popular new video for San Francisco’s favorite bicycle route “the Wiggle,” demonstrating their support for safer cycling, better bike infrastructure and more people using the bicycle for everyday transportation in San Francisco.

To celebrate San Francisco’s vibrant bicycle culture and promote the upcoming 18th Annual “Bike to Work Day,” local bicycle enthusiasts and power pop group The Real Numbers have released an instant classic, “Do the Wiggle!” This light-hearted, sixty-second homage to “the Wiggle”–a one-mile, zig-zagging bicycle route from Market Street to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco that minimizes hilly inclines for bicyclists–reminds all cities of the need to develop bicycle infrastructure to support healthy, sustainable urban living.

“I love that San Francisco has bike routes, let alone bike routes with names,” said Lawrence Grodeska, vocalist of The Real Numbers and “Do the Wiggle!” songwriter, “A bike route in San Francisco called ‘The Wiggle’ clearly needed its own jingle, just as residents need to be reminded how easy it is to bicycle in San Francisco.”

With hundreds of views in a few short hours, “Do the Wiggle” is certain to raise awareness about the 12th Annual Bike to Work day scheduled for Thursday, May 10, 2012 and organized by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. As San Francisco continues to grow, many in the city are looking to examples of people-centric planning like those neighborhoods surrounding the Wiggle.

“Bicycle routes like The Wiggle are one of our best hopes for a more sustainable and livable San Francisco,” said Morgan Fitzgibbons, co-founder of the pro-Wiggle community group, the Wigg Party, “More bicycles means a more efficient MUNI, more open parking spaces for those who can afford a car, a healthier more active citizenry, and less carbon in the atmosphere heating up our planet.”

“Do the Wiggle!” PSA Youtube Video:

2012 Bike to Work Day information:

For more information on The Real Numbers, please visit:
Part power pop, part geek rock, The Real Numbers specialize in well-crafted compositions with melodic hooks, lush chords and heaps of harmony. Not only do they lay claim to San Francisco’s finest power pop, they also love The Wiggle.

For more information on The Wigg Party, please visit:
The Wigg Party is a community organization working to make the neighborhood surrounding the Wiggle a leader in the transformation to sustainability and resilience.


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